A Slice of Fried Gold

I began this blog (originally on a different site) to document a winery tour in and around Bordeaux, France (hence the name). My goal is to keep a record of my experiences so I wouldn’t lose any of the fantastic details or vibrancy of the memories, experiences and observations. Since then, I’ve used this blog as a forum to record my thoughts on my off-and-on travels (as life allows). Fair warning, my writing influences include Anthony Bourdain and Christopher Moore, as well as the Long Way Round motorcycle documentary series, so my posts are frequently laced with stronger language, adult content/innuendo and more than a little sarcasm, geekiness and irreverence. Otherwise, my blog and its images are SFW.

Please to be sharing and enjoying this small corner of the Internets with your friends.


Below are direct links to each introduction to my trips for easier navigation:

France – Bordeaux and Paris (October 2011)

Oahu, Hawaii (March 2013)

West Virginia White Water Rafting (September 2013)

San Francisco (October/November 2013)

Iceland (October 2014)

New York City (October 2015)

Boulder, Colorado (May 2016)

European Tour (June/July 1990)


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