European Tour – Introduction (June/July 1990)

Since I began this blog, I’ve wanted to write down before senility ensues capture for posterity my first international trip – a tour of northwestern Europe back in June and July 1990.(1) My off-and-on labors for this story (i.e., remembering important events/details, outlining notes, writing and revising content, finding and scanning pictures/negatives, researching locations and … Continue reading European Tour – Introduction (June/July 1990)

European Tour – Netherlands/Belgium (July 1990)

Claustrophobia on the High Seas The ferry sailed north up the English Channel and around the peninsula of North Holland. My time on boats and ships was almost non-existent very limited, so I never lived in tight quarters before, and this seemed a little apropos while heading for a small country. We were split up … Continue reading European Tour – Netherlands/Belgium (July 1990)